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What to expect when you hire a photographer.

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Alot of people think that just allotting a task to a photographer and paying them is all you need to do to get the desired images.Most of the times they end up being disappointed with result.

Here are a few things to know when you hire a photographer.

Vision and Expectation

 When you decide to get a photoshoot you have a certain vision in mind of how your photos should look.Communicating this with your photographer is really important since everyone has their own aesthetic preference and liking.Its not enough to just say “I want good photos”

Note:This especially applies when you are brand and have a certain style resonating with your brand that you prefer,its important that the product or fashion photographer you hire understands this.


 Communication is key when you are working with any creative person especially a photography.All photographers are generally emotional about their work,so being straightforward about your likes and dislikes without disrespecting his/her creativity is crucial.

Im heard people say “this looks so cheesy and common” and some others say “this looks so inspiring” to the same set of Images.

Team Work

 Even a professional photographer with years of experience cant predict what and when something can go wrong with a certain photoshoot.Understanding the obstacles that might arise and listening to a genuine concern can help the outcome of the photography project.If you hire a photographer,its best to be present doing the shoot.This especially applies to commercial photography shoots.


Sometimes it is not the quality of images but just a difference of preferred style that can make you unhappy.In that case make an effort to explain what you think is wrong and what your preference is.Saying “These are bad photos ,I want good photos” Doesn't help anyone.

Terms and Condition

Every photographer has their own set of terms and conditions when it comes to deliverables.Generally photographers (whether commercial or wedding) don’t prefer sharing raw images or only offer a fixed number of edits.All these things are supposed to be clarified before a shoot.Don’t assume everyone operates the same way in the photography industry.

Additional Services

If you are paying your photographer for a certain number of images,know that any additional editing or services is going to cost you extra.Asking for additional favors will put them in a difficult spot and they might not want to work for you in the future.

Its best for your brand to have a long term association with the commercial photographer who understands your choices.

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