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Finding the Photographer who is best for you.

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Finding the right photographer can be a tedious task.You will have to go through numerous portfolios,understand the photographer’s individuals style,aesthetic preference and working style.Also since a photographer’s rates are never straightforward,it can be a really lengthy and confusing process..

Best photographer Mumbai
Finding the Best Photographer

Here are few steps you can follow to make this process easier.


 First things first.You will need to set the right budget.There are no standard rates in photography whether it is commercial photography or event photography and every photographer charges as per their talent,popularity and experience.The budget also depends on the project itself.Just because a photographer is cheap it doesn't mean they are the right pick.Try to do a research and ask people what your budget should be.Not knowing the right budget will only cause problems and confusion.

Remember:A good photographer is often more expensive.


 Once you understand the range of rates photographers offer,you need to find someone who understands you and your vision.if you can not able to convey what you want or he/she cant understand your personal preference,its going to be impossible to get the job done.

Rates also vary from place to place.The top Commercial Photographer In Mumbai may charge way more than a top photographer in a different city.

Range of Services

  A lot of photographers specialize in any one type of photography.If you require that quality and experience,it would be better for you to pick someone who does only one thing (But again this is not a thumb rule).If you are looking to avail a range of services,its best you go for an all rounder.

 If you are a company who wants to avail commercial photography and well as corporate video Services,hiring a commercial photographer with knowledge and experience of Video would be ideal


Needless to say its preferred to choose someone who lives in your city but if you are not finding the right person in your vicinity you can always hire someone from a different city.You may spend more on the travel but if they seem like the right fit,you’ll be happier with the result.

Since Mumbai is the Fashion hub,Models from all over the country would prefer hiring a Fashion and Portrait Photographer based in Mumbai.

Promises more,delivers less

 Dont fall for this trap.Alot of photographers will sound confident and are almost sure of every question you throw at them.These are over confident people who might disappoint you in the end.Even  a really good photographer can have doubts depending on the project and will rather take time and answer than promise more than they can deliver.


  There is no harm is asking for a discount but avoid bargaining.Photographers generally take this at an insult.If you are not happy with the rates someone has to offer,don’t put them in  a difficult position,rather move on to someone who fits in your budget.

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