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About us

Ideas to Pixels

For us,developing long term relations with our clients is always top priority.

Our vision is to house our aspects of photography and Video under one brand name.

We already have a varied and diverse portfolio and we only plan to expand it.

"We are

About delivering Content

on time,on budget,

on brief."

About the Founder

Askara ZAgday
 Photographer | Cinematographer

Hi, I am a classic case of Farhan from 3 Idiots.

A Mechanical Engineer who realised her true passion is Photography!

I love both the aspects of Photography equally,

the technical and the creative.

I've found my love for films and filming recently,

it's a whole new world that I love exploring.

When I'm not working, I'm daydreaming about the cosmos,

the planet, our history, quantum physics, evolutionary psychology and everything else.

I'm an introvert by nature but If you have something

interesting to say, I'd like to have a conversation with you.

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