When it comes to selling online, stunning product photography makes a world of difference.  But finding a  photographer who shares your vision can be a challenge.We've shot just about every category of product imaginable including jewelry, shoes, sunglasses,Towels etc.Our Strength is that we focus on every little detail in our Images making sure your products look great.




We understand that not all our clients have similar budgets for all their projects.


We have a simple solution for you.


For our budget oriented clients who are looking for simple, clean and cost effective services for their brand

Standard Package

Simple Backgrounds
Shoot will be based on references given by clients
Angles will be pre-decided
Colour Accuracy approximately 70%
Post Processing (Only Colour Correction)

For our precision and creativity loving clients who are keen about their products standing out and being photographed with passion.

Premium Package

Customized Backgrounds specifically made for your product
Conceptualization of shoot as per client's vision
Multiple Options of Product Shot in different angles
Colour Accuracy approximately 80% to 90%
Post Processing (Colour Correction, Removing artifacts, dust, flaws etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you operate?

The product shoot always starts with a theme.Either you can tell us about yours or we can suggest one for you.

We can also work together on it.

Once the theme and concept is agreed upon,details like how many Images,how many products will be shot together,location,logistics will be discussed.

Once finalized,the product shoot is executed.You can accompany us to the shoot on the location if you wish.


Once the photography is done,the images are processed and delivered to you.

Do you need a minimum number of Images ?

Yes if you are going for our standard package,a minimum of 100 Images will be clicked.

If you are going for our Premium Package ,a Minumum of 40 Pictures will be clicked.

What is the shoot location?

 It would depend on the product and package.It can either be a created studio setup,a proffesional photostudio or your office space as per your request.

What is the timeline?

Once the concept is final and products are ready,it would take us 1-2 weeks to shoot and edit about a 100 Images.

Can we switch between Standard and Premium Packages mid or after shoot?

No.You will have to confirm it before hand.

When do I have to make the payment

30% in advance. 30% once the photoshoot is completed.40% on delivery of Images.

How will I receive my Images?

You can choose between an online transfer or a pendrive/CD.